Yuppex commodities

Yuppex is B2B2C commodity social exchange which focuses on the basic needs of producers, industrial end-users, traders and speculators worldwide. The customers can buy and sell contracts for wood resources, metals, minerals, chemicals, agri products and energy. Various tools to hedge risks, use fiat money and cryptocurrencies, get trade statistics, cross-border intra-exchange trading, smart contracts, visible trade history are general advantages of Yuppex.



World trade in goods and services amounted to $19 trillion in 2020 © World Trade Statistical Review 2021. Boston Consulting Group reported about a $16 trillion business opportunity by 2030 in tokenization of global illiquid assets. Yuppex solves problem of risks to buy and sell commodity derivatives in the wood, metal, energy, agro and other industries providing an exchange and marketplace for producers, end-users, traders, speculators.

Industrial commodities

B2B2C Yuppex platform is ready to provide corporate services to companies from various industries to buy/sell commodities & trade statistics

Wood resources

logs, lumber, plywood, paper, pellets, OSB, CLT, LBM, wood coal, cardboard, wood chips, etc.


iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead and nickel etc.

Earth Metals

skandium, yttrium, lantaani, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium etc.

Precious Metals

silver, iridium, gold, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhodium ruthenium etc.


calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, sodium, selenium, potassium, lodine, manganese etc.


basic chemicals, industrial chemicals, synthetic chemicals, mixtures etc.

Agri Products

grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, foods, canned food, meat etc.

Recycling Items

general wastes, industry residues, waste management


Validation system to verify personal and company name, bank account and complete due diligence. Trading station where the users can share large contacts and form large contacts from smaller ones using fiat money and cryptocurrencies, barter system, do manual trade and use trade robots. Market data and reports, trade analytics and statistics with professional analytical tools. And many other useful business features time-tested in the digital industry.



The core of our team and project leaders have high expertise in their industry.

Icon for Marius Pilvelis, CEO

Marius Pilvelis, CEO

CEO for 17 years of several successful companies including IT sector, Davos conference speaker, blockchain enthusiast, knowledge in financial systems

Icon for Alex Yablonsky, CTO

Alex Yablonsky, CTO

Magister of Economy. 50+ projects in software development sphere associated with trading platforms, Forex market, cryptocurrency assets, payment systems. 27+ years in online trading

Icon for Giedrius Balbierius, COO

Giedrius Balbierius, COO

Has been working in the Forestry industry for 12 years. 5 years in Fintech at Verifo. Founder and CEO of multiple ventures including forest harvesting, sawmills and floor manufacturing companies.

Icon for Alex Wysocki, CMO

Alex Wysocki, CMO

Manager in several IT companies. 11 years in the wood and IT fields (marketplaces, ERP and GIS, forest SW & HW implementation). Influencer, speaker, events organizer.

Icon for Eddie W. Mandel

Eddie W. Mandel

Founder of BQTX Blockchain Enthusiast, Venture Capitalist, CEO - BQT Technologies, Chairman - Vibe Micro, Inc. / Miracle Ventures, Inc., Chairman - HC Smart, Inc.

Icon for Toivo Kukk

Toivo Kukk

Executive managing director at Nordtrader OU. Biofuel and lumber trader. Mentor, Advisor, Consultant

Icon for Pawel Kotkin

Pawel Kotkin

M.A in Civil Law and M.A In Public Safety/Law Enforcement. 5 years is corporate services and regulatory compliances. 15 years high level management experience

Icon for Daniel-Paul Dima

Daniel-Paul Dima

Expert in sustainable Wood-Based Bioeconomy, Cost-Efficient and Eco-Effective, Timberland Investment and Management. Writer

Video Demo

All demo are provided using digital products for demonstration. In life will be replaced by commodities: wood, metals, minerals, energy etc

Social B2B2C exchange ecosystem. 81 seconds

Yuppex.com: P2P social commodities exchange, P2P asset management. This is ecosystem for innovative business opportunities.

Social B2B2C commodities exchange. Full version

A detailed presentation of the main tools for conducting B2B2C business within the platform using digital assets as an example.


Questions to which it is important to understand the answers.

On our P2P platform, users trade only natural sector instruments, their own standardized commodities, without the use of synthetic investment instruments. Products of our users can be bought/sold and delivery can be arranged. Our platform is a set of B2B2C tools. It's like Aliexpress, but for standardized products called comodities.

On our platform, you can communicate, build business connections, analyze markets, analyze the results of your business, work with data, organize the work of the sales team of manufacturing and trading companies, assess risks and trust ratings of other participants. This is a complete set of tools for convenient online business and much more.

Below you will find the buttons to pre-register as a partner. The first button will allow you to register as a future client of the platform. After filling out the form, our account manager will contact you to conclude an agreement of intent. The second button is for pre-registration of partners who are interested in our platform as an investment.

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